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October 19, 2006

Irresistible Force, Meet Immovable Object

Boo Hiss the First: The closing, set for the end of October, has now been extended to December 30, due to construction delays. There was the hope that we'd be able to close and move into our new place at the end of November, but it's not happening. This wouldn't be a problem, except for...

Boo Hiss the Second: Our landlord, who doesn't want to be in town during the holidays to get the place ready for new tenants. So we will be officially homeless as of December 1.

And a big "You suck" goes out to: One of my sisters, who's renting a four-bedroom house but can't help us out for a month. (The rest of my family is allergic, so living with my parents and other sister isn't an option.) Granted, one of the bedrooms is reserved for the owner, who's letting someone store their stuff there. And she has her dog, who will not deal well with cats. My thought was to keep the cats closed off, but I'd need two rooms or spaces that can be closed off. And I was even willing to pitch in for rent. But no, my sister's gotta have a guest room available, while I need to find a temporary living situation for us and two cats.

We're looking into short-term housing. Also, we have already received offers of a place to stay or stash our stuff, including the most generous Mr. and Mrs. Minch, who have their own modest place, their own cat and yet are willing to take all of us in. (I'm not sure everyone who's offered realizes we need to account for our cats.) So it's not all bleak. It's just incredibly @$#%! aggravating.

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