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May 16, 2006

Something Isn't Quite Right

We came home and found Sheba walking in the grass, then saw that the back door to our apartment was wide open. Someone had jimmied the lock.

Sheba came when I called, dear sweet cat. I picked her up and brought her into the house. I called for Ginger but she didn't answer. Eventually I found her huddled behind the futon in our office.

Tabitha is somewhere in the back yard again. Hopefully when she's hungry enough she'll come around and we can catch her. Our neighbors know to look out for her.

The dvd player is gone. But the Tivo was intact, as were our computers, and basically everything else. The person(s) pulled out drawers and tossed their contents onto the floor. Nothing of any real value was taken, possibly because the apartment is in such disarray that it's hard to look for stuff that's easy to steal, easy to fence.

We called 911 and then our landlord. An officer came and we showed him around. He was frustrated because there weren't any good surfaces that could be fingerprinted. We pointed out the smashed window in the other half of the duplex - our landlord's apartment when he's in town. Doesn't look like anything was stolen from over there.

So we have case numbers. There will be repairs. Tabitha will come home, if she knows what's good for her. I think I'm still a little too surprised to be rattled, but I guess for a sucky experience it could have been much worse.

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