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March 20, 2006

Tomorrow is another day

First thing this morning, my neurotic cat Ginger peed - AGAIN - in the laundry basket that was - AGAIN - full of clean clothes. The day hasn't really gotten any better, especially having found out that tonight's Magic Numbers/Elected show has been canceled.

But I did have a great weekend, full of fun & friends.

Friday: We had Mex with Marco, then swanned over to the private party celebrating the opening of Inman Perk, the new coffee shop over on Elizabeth St. in - you guessed it - Inman Park. It's a cool loft-like space, free wi-fi, tasty drinks and yummy desserts. I am already a fan of the raspberry mocha. And Marco is the first artist to show his work there. His show opens next Saturday - so come check it out!

Saturday: Mellow day. Brunch at Sun in My Belly. Grocery shopping. A long afternoon nap. Dinner at Savage Pizza. A quick dash into Criminal Records for a Snow Patrol ep, but they were out of stock, so I picked up a Magic Numbers cd instead. (It came with a free ticket to tonight's show, which has now been canceled. Oh well.) Then a late late night with Mr. & Mrs. Minch, playing Uno and watching Eddie Izzard on BBC America.

Sunday: Slept in, brunch at the Biscuit. A stop at Full Moon Records, where the clerk gave me a Clap Your Hands Say Yeah poster that he had saved for me. Found some David Bowie and Rufus Wainwright cds. Laundry (some of which must be redone now). Another long nap. Then to Buckhead Diner for dinner with Daniella, who was briefly in town for a presentation. Poor Mr. Arkadin had to sit with a table of instant girlfriends. Holly let me taste some of her crab cakes, and she had a bit of my (shhh) veal & mushroom meatloaf. And then Mr. Arkadin and I split a chocolate cake sundae. I am more plump today than yesterday.

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