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March 16, 2006

Snow Patrol, The Loft, 3/15/06

Snow PatrolSold out. The line to get in went halfway around the block. There was no opening act. There were posters on the wall and promo postcards everywhere. Snow Patrol's new album "Eyes Open" comes out on May 9. And they'll be back here in May!

The singer had a cold. The bass player's amp blew out near the end, but was rescued. Still a great show. I may have a thing for funny, skinny Scottish guys with floppy hair and holes in the shirt seams beneath their armpits who can sing.

A good live band. And hey, a band who smiles and actually seems to enjoy performing! I was back in the crowd, fortunately situated behind some not-too-tall people so I had a mostly decent view of the show. Snow Patrol played songs from "Final Straw" as well as from their forthcoming album. Definitely liking the new song "Eyes Open." I was also quite happy to hear "Chocolate" which is one of my favorite tracks from the earlier album.

While the bass player's amp was attended to, the singer, Gary Lightbody, did a cover of a Bright Eyes song, "You will you will you will." Liked that - I'll have to track it down.

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