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March 03, 2006

Claire Campbell, Daniel Clay & Amanda Kapousouz- Eddie's Attic, 3/3/06

I went with some friends, who knew most of the performers. Claire Campbell is one of the singers from Hope for Agoldensummer. This night she was making a solo appearance.

There was a fourth performer, Blake Rainey. He.Is.A.Total.Douchebag. This person is NOT worth your money, EVER!

The format was "artist in the round," meaning that each performer took a turn to play a song. Douchebag Rainey was first. He played something, we applauded politely, and then...he suggested to the others they should do two songs in a row on each turn. Then he launched into his second bland, unmemorable song.

As it turned out, this was a sign of things to come.

The heartfelt applause increased with each performance. Daniel Clay, who's studied classical guitar, played spare, deceptively simple songs. When Campbell performed, it was as if she became the characters in her songs. Somehow the discordant notes from her guitar, and her voice, all seemed to work together to create something eerie and beautiful.

We also enjoyed Amanda Kapousouz, who performs as Tin Cup Prophette. She used a loop machine and also played violin. At some point she worked in a xylophone and during another song, an accordion! She has an album that will soon be released, which I will look out for, definitely.

Going into the second round, Douchebag was unimpressed. "Nice band you got there," he mumbled, or some such thing. His songs slowed the momentum that had built, but we clapped, and the energy picked up again as the others performed. During Claire's turn, Daniel and Amanda accompanied her on one of her songs, as they knew each other and had played together before. The music clutched me by the heart and dragged me into itself. It was a sublime moment of musical communion.

A second show had been scheduled for the evening, so before the third round began, the performers were told they had ten minutes left, total. Claire jokingly asked whether they each had a 2.5 minute song to play.

So Rainey Douchebag plays again. We clap, politely. Then before Daniel can get ready to play, Douchebag launches into another song! I thought, "Wait, wasn't everybody supposed to play just one more song?" One friend was so angry he got up and left the room. The rest of us, we were too stunned to react as we should have, calling out Rainey on his graceless, petty, shitty behavior. It's another long, repetitive, cliched, crappy song. Just when we thought it was going to end, it goes on for another repetitive verse. Some lame whistling is thrown in as well.

The song ends, and Douchebag plays another song! Yes, a third song! So now the other players have sat in their seats onstage, politely and resignedly, for three whole songs. Rainey's damn song finally ends, and because he hogged the final ten minutes, so does the evening. The disappointment from the crowd was palpable.

After the show, we went up to the others and thanked them for their performances and told them how much we enjoyed their music. It seemed everybody was ignoring Douchebag, as they should have.

One of my friends observed that Rainey's petty revenge was multiple - on the other players, who were far better than him; on the audience, for our liking the other musicians over him; and on the venue, for putting him in a lineup that illustrated his mediocrity.

Seriously, do not support this guy. He's also from a band called the Young Antiques, but because of him, I have no interest whatsoever in their music. There are so many musicians who deserve greater attention, who deserve to play at Eddie's Attic and other venues around town, but it's jerks like these, whose music isn't anything special, who get to have a slot.

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