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January 29, 2006

Making the Weekend Last

Sunday nights are bittersweet. After playing the night owl since Friday, I pay for it come Monday when the alarm rings.

It's been a typical weekend, perhaps more restful than others.

Saturday: Brunch at the Thumbs Up Diner. Took three pairs of pants in for hemming, which will expand my wardrobe options tremendously. Never did get around to taking in the dry cleaning. A quick, productive jaunt at a used bookstore. Laundry. Read Zadie Smith. Met up for Indian food with Herr und Dame Minch and a friend of theirs, followed by a marathon round of Trivial Pursuit, which came to a conclusion around 1 a.m. I suck at the sports questions, but I won a pie piece for naming Gary Cooper in answer to "Who was the pride of the Yankees?"

Sunday: Happy Lunar New Year! Slept in until 9. Brunch at the Flying Biscuit. Picked up and dropped off prescriptions. (Hurrah for meds!) Grocery shopping. Laundry. Filled recycling bin. More Zadie Smith. Burgers at Fuddrucker's. Found some bargain dvds (Donkey Skin, Before Sunset) at Movie Trading Co. More laundry. Made arrangements with a woman about a bit of furniture (another Craigslist transaction). Laundry and Zadie Smith. Stopped over at my friend Marco's for some setup for his forthcoming website. Coffee, semi-watched The Ninth Gate, checked email and blogs, and now putting myself to sleep with this post, as I'm sure you must be, Reader, if you're still with me.

Off to Bedfordshire.

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