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November 21, 2005

15,125 words

What I did instead of writing this weekend:

Folding laundry.
Hanging out and staying up late with friends.
Finding used cds & music dvds: Michel Gondry's short works, INXS videos, Sigur Ros, Liz Phair, French 60s pop, Gillian Welch, The Cars Are Made of Stars.
Episodes of Battlestar Galactica.
Maintaining peace between three cats, occasionally using the spray-bottle method as reinforcement.
Brunch: El Gato Bizco makes awesome pancakes. The Flying Biscuit is excellent as usual.
Cleaning the kitchen.
Washing dishes.
Buying drawer trays and organizing the junk drawer. It's really a beautiful thing. I kept opening and closing the drawer, marveling in delight.
Getting some new socks.
Talking to my sisters.
Reading the paper.
Getting sick - a tickle in the back of my throat so far.

However, there's still time, provided I write at least 4k a day. (Right, deano?)

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