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January 29, 2005

Nothing to See

More ice than snow, really, although it took a lot of effort to go to the gym this morning. Scraping the ice off the windshield (without gloves - not smart), warming up the car. I was about to give up but I'd put so much work into getting the car ready. Then what's normally a five-minute drive became longer as the main road was blocked off and I had to go around. It's kind of sketchy, driving on ice. I went slowly, but I could feel the resistance, and the potential of sliding in an unintended direction.

All this effort meant no slacking at the gym. I tried running today. I think my heart rate was near 200 at one point - I probably pushed myself too hard. But I'm still here, so my heart didn't give out. I guess I'll live for another day.

Saw Sideways this afternoon. It's one of those films that still lingers with me, hours later.

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