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August 02, 2004

Finn Bros. in Atlanta

Finn Brothers in Atlanta 8.2.04 (Click on image for larger version)

2 tickets
1 single-file line started by one crazy Lady C at 3 pm
1 red women's tshirt
1 coffee table book
2 sets of brothers (Tim/Neil ; drummer/bass player?)
12 Loving Cupcakes for Peter Green (I was NOT the only one who brought baked goods)
1 soundcheck (song and a half; "Edible Flowers")
a few blurry digicam pictures
1 phone call to a friend in NYC during the first two songs
2 bird cage chandeliers
3 crystals from a chandelier (given, not taken!)
0 summer tour EP (b/c I was off attempting to swipe a poster from a doorway and missed out)
4 promo cards (not all for me)
1 very, very deliriously happy girl, in addition to a few hundred other fans

You might think that standing three feet away from your personal rock god is the coolest thing ever. Or maybe not. I'm willing to concede points for obsessive dorkiness. The problem as such is that the mike and its stand somewhat obscures your guy. Plus, the stage lights create a halo effect, so it's actually a bit difficult to see the person's face (in my case, it was Neil). Of course I didn't want to be so obviously staring all the time, so I'd look over to Tim, who looks really great these days. Snowy white hair, lovely bit of stubble. The man dances like he's possessed.

Lots of new stuff, lots of Split Enz. Bits from the first Finn album, including "Only Talking Sense" which gave me shivers. Some choice bits from Woodface - "Weather With You" and closing the show with "How Will You Go."

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That's awesome. Glad you had a good time.

Posted by: LTR at August 9, 2004 02:30 PM

It was a fantastic first time to see them live after many years of fandom. I was able to acquire one of the EPs, which I'd be happy to copy and send you electronically or postally if you want.

Posted by: jen at August 11, 2004 10:22 PM

So glad you got to see them - it is so worth it. Thanks for your offer - fortunately someone's come through for me with a spare sampler, so I get to have another souvenir.

Posted by: Lady Crumpet at August 12, 2004 10:10 AM