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July 24, 2004

'Cause I Am a Material Girl

A few weeks ago I dreamed about having an audience with Madonna. Tonight I actually do. My sister scored unused corporate tickets at work, so we'll be seeing her from a suite. (And yet, dork that I am, I'd trade this for getting into the Finn Bros. soundcheck, because I'm a greedy girl when it comes to matters Finn.)

Better get dressed. Can't look shabby for an evening with Madge Esther.

Addendum: A fabulous night. The air conditioning was off, so as to provide good air for Madonna's voice. Even though our group had gotten there first, the other group in our suite insisted that their tickets meant that we should give up the front row where we were already seated - even though there were no numbers on the seats. Don't worry Madam Who Dances Like a Cow. My sister has your name, and her boss will be calling you on Monday and provide you with a new orifice.

But yes, nonetheless a great evening with my sisters and a friend. Madonna was gorgeous and in good singing form. The set design and the use of giant video displays was dazzling. Highlights: "Deeper and Deeper" as a sultry lounge act, tango-style dancing included. "Don't Tell Me" with M and her dancers nattily dressed like Chicago characters via London - and yet doing the hipster cowboy moves from the video. M in a kilt and rocking out with her bagpiper in full regalia for "Into the Groove." A sweetly sung "Crazy For You" as a dedication to her fans. And yes, she did "Material Girl" and made us sing along. As if she could stop us. Although the people in the suite on one side of us seemed to be made of stone - no whooping, no standing, no dancing. (Why did you bother to come?) Also notable: a cover of "Imagine" accompanied by images of suffering Third World children - though there were images of smiling children by the end, and a Jewish boy and a Palestinian boy walking with their arms around each other like best friends into the sunset. People cheered when Lennon's photo came up.

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I've always loved her, but have never seen her play live... maybe next tour.

The people in your suite didn't dance or sing or anything? They suck.

Posted by: Daniella at July 25, 2004 09:39 AM

I should've written that better. The suite next to the one I was in - there was only a railing separating our seated areas, so I could see them, sitting inertly, like so many lumps of clay.

I've never seen Madonna before. The last time she played in Atlanta, my sister was able to go the corporate suite route, and I was peeved - because I was the one who was always the fan - but not so insane as to spend $300-400 on a ticket for a good seat.

Posted by: Lady Crumpet at July 25, 2004 11:02 AM