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June 13, 2004

Happy Birthday

It's Scott's birthday. We've tended to be low-key with celebrating these things, but it's been a nice weekend, I hope!

The concert at the Fox was a mix. It's a terrible venue for a concert. Rose Royce is down to two old guys and one woman singer - too young to have been in the original lineup, but they did some of their biggest songs. The whole Ohio Players set was one big soundcheck - I could hardly hear the singing, and the bass playing pumping out of the speakers was physically painful. People couldn't get into the set because the sound was just awful. Things were worked out by the time Teena Marie and Rick James took the stage. The crowd went wild for Teena Marie, who was just awesome. She's still got a great voice. Rick James has seen better days, but they did do "Fire and Desire" which was really the highlight of the show. Discovered to my dismay that either I need more practice with my digital camera, or it's really not very good for taking non-flash pictures at a concert.

Caught a few screenings at the Atlanta Film Festival: a Danish film, Reconstruction; a Japanese film, Bright Future, and a French horror film, Haute Tension. I should have probably caught Stephen Fry's film Bright Young Things but there was a time conflict, and I thought I ought to see Haute Tension before it got tamed down for its American release. I should know better; I was watching the film behind my hands and trying to decide if I should just go wait in the lobby when the twist was finally revealed. So I'm glad I saw it, but my apartment is going to be filled with light for the next couple of weeks.

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The Fox is horribly spotty as a music venue. I've seen shows that sound exquisite (Springsteen and r.e.m. come to mind) and others sound like a horrible bombast (Prince, in particular).

You need to adjust the "exposure" setting for concert shots and even then it takes a lot of experience and a very, very steady hand. I've mastered it but pretty much given up on it.

Posted by: mrw at June 14, 2004 09:29 PM