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April 01, 2004


One of the things I like about my gym is that they subscribe to a zillion magazines, the frivolous stuff that I feel guilty buying while I'm waiting in line at the supermarket. So I get my dose of Lucky/Jane/Glamour/InStyle while listening to my music and oh yeah, I'm burning calories too. Lady Crumpet has not yet taken to the elliptical or stairstepper, but the rowing machine could be next. She needs to strengthen the biceps so she can pour tea more gracefully. Or be able to row a boat while reciting bawdy limericks to Colin Firth. You did know our luscious Mr. Darcy provided that bit of poetry Hugh Grant's Daniel Cleaver tells Bridget, right? And, yes, nice boys really do kiss like that!

So anyway, I read about a band called On!Air!Library! whose new eponymous album drops April 6. It was a snippet of a review but it sounds interesting. Following the music link, you can eventually get to a retailer, Insound, who offers sample mp3 links so you can check out some of the songs. I like "Feb." so far.

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