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September 18, 2003


On November 4, Sarah McLachlan will finally(!) release a new album, called Afterglow. Her site notes that the album will sell for $15.99 retail, which is notable because it seems new albums go for twenty bucks these days. Since I buy so many used CDs, I still think that's steep, but for her first album in six years I think I can spring for it.

On November 18, Tori Amos will release Tales of a Librarian, apparently a compilation of music from her Atlantic years. Clever name for an archival album, no?

Methinks I shall have to get these as early presents to myself, as November shall be my birth month.

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Tori AND Sarah? *pinches herself*

Nope, must be coming out.

Oh, that's fantastic.

Posted by: Milla at September 18, 2003 04:40 PM