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January 31, 2003

Finn-tastic so far. Good

Town Hall ticket stubs

Finn-tastic so far. Good mix of Neil, Crowded House, Split Enz. A new song, "Love is All That Remains." Hovered afterwards last night by the stage door, chatting with a few others who were braving the chill. The good man himself finally came through the door, in all his lovely glory, wearing a well-cut brown woolen coat. (Speaking of which, his own crowning glory of thick blond hair, graying at the temples, was flippy and cowlicky on top, reminding me of his Crowded House days.) I smiled shyly and wordlessly gave him the promo interview CD I'd gotten, he signed with a black Sharpie, I mumbled my thanks and slipped off giddily towards the subway.

"And don't you just love this life..."

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