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November 19, 2002

It's not up to you

It's not up to you
Oh it never really was
It's not up to you
Oh it never really was
It's not up to you
Well it never really was
It's not up to you

This chorus has been going through my head this afternoon. Although it looks like it should drive me crazy, the sounds of the notes are too pretty to be annoying, at least for now. Plus, I really like the zen of the words. I wonder if Bjork and yoga go together.

I've been checking out Googlism lately to see what random references it will find for Lady Crumpet, but not very much. So I just typed in "crumpet" to see what might be found. A sampling, below.

crumpet is twice as far from faxmouth as mortar castle
crumpet is currently in discussions with fetish to specify its participation in more detail
crumpet is connected to the following things
crumpet is not able to make a reservation
crumpet is off to the beach for a few days
crumpet is always on the lookout
crumpet is best toasted
crumpet is absolutely gorgeous
crumpet is pale gold
crumpet is unique looking
crumpet is smooth and brown and the top is full of small holes
crumpet is thick like an english muffin but chewier and richer
crumpet is more than happy to announce to the people waiting in line they just missed this famous star
crumpet is 14 inches tall and a limited edition of 15 each
crumpet is awful rubbery
crumpet is awesome
crumpet is entirely hand
crumpet is getting too dark
crumpet is waaaay better than anything hostess
crumpet is one of the nicest ponies in the world
crumpet is golden brown and the bubbles on top have burst
crumpet is especially suitable for information brokerage
crumpet is special because "she was an orphan lamb bottle
crumpet is just too kiwi
crumpet is a slightly softer version of the commercial variety
crumpet is a bong smoking
crumpet is to implement
crumpet is a lovely cat with a crumpled ear that gives her a unique look
crumpet is well rounded
crumpet is a good idea for mopping up the yolk and grease
crumpet is getting a little burnt on both sides
crumpet is a highly sought after pony
crumpet is totally addicted to knitting and has a traveling companion
crumpet is what i eat for brekkers during winter and babe is a small human being
crumpet is australian slang for utterly worthless
crumpet is the ill
crumpet is truly the 'once in a lifetime' dog
crumpet is ready so too is our laser like implement of rock butter slicing
crumpet is
crumpet is to understand cricket
crumpet is like a piece of ass
crumpet is looking for a home of her own
crumpet is not worth $150
crumpet is so cutsy wootsy cute
Hey, I am worth way more than $150, I am not like a piece of ass, nor am I utterly worthless. Hmmmph!

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i love the bjork quote. naturally. here's another - one of my favorites, "i want to go on a mountain top with a radio and good batteries and play a joyous tune and free the human race from suffering."

Posted by: marco at November 20, 2002 11:36 AM