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November 20, 2002

Booked my ticket!

So I'm now confirmed for Neil's New York show. One is the loneliest number, especially when it's assigned seating. And I'm 10 rows back from the stage. Maybe I'll make friends with the people around me. Let's hope they're not freaky Finn fans who are going to call out song requests so often that Neil will finally play the damn song in order to shut them up.

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we in the dirty south are planning something so grand, so hilarious, so out-of-this world that neil will either do a show down here or he'll feel guilty for having let down fans again... perhaps i will blog about it when i find the time...

Posted by: marco at November 21, 2002 11:19 AM

Tolerate the irritating song requesters. ANYTHING is better than overt sexual suggestions. Let them come near me in Philly or Boston; I'll give them a real Pineapple Head!

Posted by: Jen K at November 22, 2002 05:27 AM