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September 08, 2002

Do you ever get caught

Do you ever get caught by a song and have to listen to it over and over, when even the radio doesn't seem to be playing it enough? I confess a weakness for catchy, jaunty, usually sugar-saturated pop music. Maybe your song is crap, but I will fall for your hook anyway.

So Duncan Sheik has just released a new album, Daylight, which isn't crap by the way. I'm absolutely hooked on the first single, "On a High." (If you like, check out Duncan's site and you can hear the song in full and see the video, sparkly and colorful and set in a karaoke bar.) I love this song - I get this musical, fizzy rush that makes me start bopping my head and flailing my arms around. But this giddy ditty has a catch - it's about being in denial, of being really caught up in the rush of a relationship, a "conspiracy of happiness" that's really, well, just a high. But there are enough fluffy singles out there, so I'm quite happy to have a bit of edge in my sugar-pop.

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